Break the monopoly, "Made in China" transformed into "Created in China," self-developed ultra-high precision RV reducer successfully launched to the market.


Break the monopoly, "Made in China" transformed into "Created in China," self-developed ultra-high precision RV reducer successfully launched to the market.

The level of industrial robots is determined by the performance of the RV reducer, which is the "neck" component of China's robot industry. For a long time, China's core robot parts have been dependent on imports, which seriously restricts the development of the whole industry. As one of the three core components of robots, the precision reducer accounts for the highest cost ratio and the most significant difficulty in research and development.

To suppress the Chinese robotics industry, Nabtesco sold to ABB, Kuka, and other four major robot companies reducer price is to China's robot companies half of the price or even lower. "More than 90 percent of the precision reducers depend on Japanese companies, and domestic industrial robot manufacturers are forced to accept a long delivery period of three to six months to get goods from Nabteske.

If this situation is not fundamentally reversed, it will seriously restrict the healthy development of China's robotics industry." Between the words, it is easy to understand that Chairman Chen Youli has realized the importance of independent production of precision joint reducers since a long time ago.

Faced with the domestic reducer market mainly occupied by foreign brands, the market share of domestic brands is increasing, and the dual competition pattern of domestic and foreign companies.

Chaifu and LIKE Precision Chairman Chen Youli said, "as a local manufacturer of Chinese robots and reducers, we respond to the competition in the Chinese market. We only do one thing: make the product quality better, make the product price cheaper, and do the product service more in place. "


Chen Youli, Chairman of Chaifu Robot, expressed the development logic of entering into robots from gearboxes. He talked about how Shanghai Liker Precision has been established since 1998, mainly for the replacement of imported high-quality gear reducer development and production and the development and customization of non-standard products.

Chairman Chen Youli lamented, "I have witnessed the process of the robot industry from scratch in China. At the same time, Liker has also developed from an ordinary small reducer manufacturing plant to a company that can produce high precision gear transmission equipment and components."

Today, Chaifu's hardware facilities employ a full range of equipment: world-class gear processing, measurement, and software equipment, heat treatment production lines, three-coordinate testing centers, gear testing centers, spectrometers, and other types of testing equipment.

In addition, sizeable constant temperature and dust-free workshops, advanced hot and cold processing processes, and a group of highly qualified professional R&D and manufacturing teams provide a solid foundation for localization precision joint reducers for robots and robots in China.

Chaifu Robot high precision RV reducer now has 12 series of 522 specifications and nearly 10,000-speed ratios of transmission products.

Chairman Chen Youli said we had produced such products as precision joint reducers, and we have the complete range of products in China. The performance has reached or exceeded some imported products, and we have the capacity potential to mass production of 100,000 units of precision joint reducers.

Building Chaifu into China's self-developed industrial robot is the mission of CHAIFU and LIKE.